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June 2014

Joanne Kryszek

MeLissa Spittle

Shipping Specials


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Shipping Specials

We are now offering everyone “If it fits, it ships” for $10.00.  This option is available in the shipping section of check out, subject to terms and conditions for “If it fits, it ships! Shipping” shown on the “Shipping Information” page.  In summary, for this option to be valid you must place the order online and your chocolate must fit into one of the Postal special boxes or ship by ground for a similar charge.  If the shipping route is warm enough to require it, we will include warm weather packaging at no additional charge.  Please be aware that if you add warm weather packaging to your cart, you will be charged $7.00.  In most instances, to save your money we recommend that you let us decide about warm weather packaging.  We’ve been pretty good at figuring it out in nearly 16 years of summer shipping. 

We understand if you need the extra packaging for some reason that is not apparent to us, like if you will be traveling out of the country with your chocolate, or you are in a banana belt or you just like the extra protection, and that is why we allow you the option to add warm weather packaging no matter the weather, at additional cost.  

But if you get and read the Newsletter, GET THIS:

You just read about our regular “If it fits, it ships” shipping special.   Now this Super Special Free Offer is available to Newsletter readers only.  This offer is available through the end of June.

FreeShipping "If it fits, it ships" for orders over $50.00 in merchandise.  Use the local pick up option on the shipping section and in the comments section write "I read the Chocospherian! Free shipping for bigger orders until June 30th."

Orders have to be submitted online and follow the "If it fits, it ships" shipping rules as shown on the shipping information page.  Here is a reposting of those rules:

The contents of the shipment must be physically small enough to ship in one of the special postal-rate boxes or padded envelopes. It is possible that we may send the package by ground, or select another shipping method, if that is the least expensive option. Ground shipping can take up to a week, depending on the shipping location. If it doesn't fit, we will contact you with information on other shipping options that will incur extra cost, and if we cannot reach you promptly it may delay processing of your order.

We will include styro and gel ice at no extra charge if we feel it is needed and it fits.

We will pack into the smallest box that your chocolate will fit in, to minimize our shipping cost and if there is chocolate breakage (with wrappers remaining intact), you have to be okay with it. After all, you have to break it to eat it.

This option is only available on orders shipped to mainland U.S., Hawaii, and Alaska addresses. Not available for the Chocolate Clubs. Also, this offer can not be combined with any other offers.”

"If it fits, it ships" shipping is only available on orders placed online via the Chocosphere web site by the customer.   The Free “If it fits, it ships” Offer on orders of $50 or more in merchandise ends on June 30th, at 7:00 pm PST.



We are extremely security conscious at Chocosphere and we take a lot of care to protect your information.  Credit card numbers are not maintained in your password protected account and we don't store your 3 or 4 digit security code.  Our system verifies the security code at the time of the charge and then the code is deleted.  Once we get your order on-line, we can’t access your code.  Information that is maintained in your web site account is your name, address, email address, phone number, billing and shipping shipping addresses, and product information about your purchases.  

Chocosphere does not ask for information like your date of birth, drivers license number, social security number or other personal information.  Why would we?  However, you should still use a unique password.  Though we have no knowledge of a security breach in all the years we've been in business, it pays to be extra careful and we definitely will be careful with all of your  information. 

Gift Certificates

Have you ever gotten to the actual date of someone’s special day, like a birthday, anniversary, wedding, graduation or other special day and realized that you did not send a gift? The answer is the Chocosphere gift certificate. You can immediately send a gift certificate by email to the recipient. As long as you have their email address, our system will send the certificate to them with a nice note from you. Chocolate is always an appropriate gift and who wouldn’t want to pick their own special treat? You can access the gift certificates under “gifts and collections” pull down menue at the solid brown bar under our Chocosphere name at the top of our home page.

Recipe Corner

Scharffen Berger chocolate chip cookie recipe:

Today I made some cookies for the first time from the recipe on the Scharffen Berger Semisweet Baking Chunks package. The chunks come in 6 oz packages and you need 2 for the recipe. They are currently $6.25 per bag and as low as $5.50 per bag if you buy a full case.

I used the 62%, but next time I might try the 70%.  These cookie chunks are like little bricks, smaller at the top than the bottom and big enough to get a good bit of chocolate in each chunk.  The quality of the chocolate in these cookie chunks is amazing.  The chunks look almost like milk chocolate, which indicates that Scharffen Berger uses very fine quality beans and it is apparent when you taste the cookies.  The chocolate is fruity and naturally sweeter than most 62% chocolate.  

As always, I changed the recipe just a little, reducing the sugar and salt slightly and substituting ¼ cup of corn starch for ¼ cup of flour. These are routine changes for me, because I usually think things are too sweet and salty and I like my cookies to be crisper than most. The recipe called for 1 cup of coarsely chopped walnuts or pecans and I substituted cocoa nibs.

I just ate 10 cookies and I could eat more.  Hide them from yourself.  They are just too good.  



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