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Incredible Chocolate News

March 13th, 2018

Written By: Joanne Kryszek, Chocosphere Co-Founder and Chocolate Goddess

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Easter Day is just around the corner, on April 1!  Are you ready?

Easter comes early this year and our Easter chocolate is moving fast.   Get your chocolate eggs from Valrhona and Cafe Tasse, and bunnies, eggs, carrots and cute animals from Alma. 

Incr‘Edible’ Chocolate Deals

Here is the amazing Easter deal we are offering now through April 1, 2018. We have Easter baskets on special; $150.00 value for $99.95, or  $60.00 for $49.95. Every basket has a nice assortment of chocolate Easter eggs.  Click on the links for more details.

The 48-piece Michel Cluizel Plantation Ganaches Box is now on our Bargain Basement page because it has a "best by" date of March 2nd but the chocolate is still delicious! It's half price but not suitable for gift giving because of the "best-by" date unless you are shipping it to yourself and can explain that even with the "best by" date the chocolate is still absolutely wonderful. 

Featured Products

Amedei 'Armonie Toscane' Truffles

We bought way too much so we're offering a great deal on this product.  Normally $19.00, you get it for only $15.20.  Twelve small delicious chocolate truffles, in an attractive red box perfect for the season that opens with the grace of a flower. The box contains truffles of three different types: filled with Gianduja chocolate milk, dark chocolate filled with almonds, and white chocolate with hazelnut. 12 pieces, net weight: 110g/3.88 oz.

What's New?


You (and your bunny!) will love Alma's beautiful orange meltaway carrot, two halves back to back in a clear bag tied with a ribbon.  Also, we now have Alma's whole gilded dark (74%!) chocolate peanut butter filled eggs, two half eggs back to back in a ribbon tied clear bag.

Mexican Vanilla Beans

Whole Mexican vanilla beans from the same company that provides the water processed La Vencedora vanilla we've offered for many years. A sealed package of five beans is only $24.95!


So much new from Valrhona all at at the same time!  They must be eating chocolate for strength and creativity.   Goodness knows, they make some of the best!

* Inspiration Passion and Inspiration Amande.  Valrhona's amazing Inspiration offerings are made of simple natural ingredients: cacao butter, sugar, powdered passion fruit juice (for "Passion") or finely ground almonds (for "Amande") and just a hint of soy lecithin.  Though Valrhona Inspiration has no cacao solids, being made of cacao butter it has all the other good properties of chocolate.  With strong flavors, Inspiration melts and tempers like chocolate so it can be used just like chocolate to bring new flavors to your favorite recipe.

* Ariaga Blanche is a new white chocolate offering from Valrhona, offering Valrhona's excellence at a more affordable price.  Ariaga comes as a typical "wafer" rather than the "feve" format of Ivoire, Waina and Opalys, has 30% cacao butter, no other fats, and though it contains lecithin there is no soy in the ingredients list.  Valrhona's factory package is larger at 5 Kg / 11 lbs, but Chocosphere makes this white chocolate reachable for the home chef by re-packing in re-sealable 1Kg bags just as we do for so many home chef chocolate products.


We now have a limited supply (one 5Kg bag each) of Domori's single-orign roasted cacao nibs in two types: Apurimac (Peruvian) and Sur del Lago (Venezuelan).  If we get positive feedback, we'll look into offering more varieties and more stock of these delicious and unique Domori roasted cacao nibs.

Domori Kashaya Criollo Fave di Cacao is a box of whole roasted Criollo cacao, the most flavorful type.  Try this elusive Criollo cacao in its primitive form -- just the roasted bean with no other processing. These Limited Edition whole cacao beans have been roasted and shelled by hand for your enjoyment. 100g for $39.95.


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