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Classic Gift Baskets

Chocosphere gift baskets make a perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life!

Our gift baskets are filled with a variety of some of the world's best chocolates. Pick a basket from our wide selection, ranging from classic designs to unique selections like the "Gift Boat" or "Emergency Kit". Then choose the size you want and select a milk, dark, nut, or variety assortment. For many of our offerings, you can pick a general color scheme, and you can always give us more information in the "Comments" section of the checkout page.

Note for the Sugar-Free assortments: Please let us know in the the "Comments" section on the final checkout page if extremely low sugar, no sweetener added, 99% and 100% cocoa content selections can be included in the assortment. If you do not specify, we will not include these choices.

You might also wish to explore our Creative Packaging gift selections. They always make a great impression!

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