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Sibo Chocolate, born in Costa Rica, began in 2007 with historian Julio Fernandez Amón and journalist George Soriano's dream of crafting high-quality chocolate. Their journey started during the 2008 recession, defying conventional wisdom. They envisioned organic, Costa Rican chocolate that could rival the world's best. Extensive research and chocolate training led to sourcing fine, organically produced cacao beans. Inspired by unusual flavors, they created unique bonbons and expanded into chocolate bar production. Eco-friendly packaging and pre-Columbian designs became their signature. Sibo Chocolate continues to grow, offering an array of chocolates and engaging experiences for chocolate lovers worldwide.

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  1. Sibo Truffle Bonbon & Caramel Bonbon Gift Box - 4pc

    Sibo Truffle Bonbon & Caramel Bonbon Gift Box - 4pc - 40g

    Discover Sibo's Fine Chocolate Bonbons—4 exquisite truffles, each a flavor journey. Note: Appearance of truffles may vary from photo.

    Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Sibo Chocolate's Fine Chocolate & Caramel Bonbon Gift Box. This exquisite collection, packaged in a lovingly handmade box with cacao husks and recycled paper, unveils nine delectable 10-gram Costa Rican chocolate truffles. Each masterpiece is a testament to the dream of Julio Fernandez Amón and George Soriano, who founded Sibo Chocolate, envisioning organic, world-class chocolate. From the childhood nostalgia of Sea Salt to the internationally acclaimed Tart Lime & Apple, these truffles embody Sibo's commitment to fine, organically produced cacao beans. The eco-friendly packaging and pre-Columbian designs add an extra layer of distinction, offering a sensory journey for chocolate enthusiasts worldwide. Your assortment may contain one or more of the following:

    Sea Salt / Sal Marina
    A touch of Costa Rican sea salt adds a layer of flavor to this childhood classic.

    Spice / Especias
    Cardamom, Ceylon cinnamon, nutmeg and a hint of chili pepper (red design).

    Lime & Basil / Limón & albahaca
    Fragrant citrus mingles with fresh basil in a white chocolate truffle (yellow design).

    Vanilla Bean / Vainilla
    Aromatic organic vanilla beans from Costa Rica’s Central Pacific coast and milk chocolate (white design).

    Orange Liqueur/ Licor de naranja
    Luscious soft caramel with crystallized orange zest.

    Ginger & Coconut Milk / Jengibre y leche de coco
    Burnt-sugar caramel in a rich, extra dark chocolate shell.

    Honey Lavender / Miel de Abeja con Lavanda
    Organic honey from Santo Domingo de Heredia and fresh lavender from Sibo's garden.

    Wild Berry / Bayas silvestres
    Herbal tea and dried berries infused in milk chocolate ganache (violet design).

    Tart Lime & Apple / Limón con manzana
    Internationally award-winning caramel, tart and sweet to awaken your taste buds.

    Fresh Mint / Menta 
    Classic dark chocolate and organic peppermint (green design)

    Cappucino / Capuchino
    Reminiscent of café con leche, using award winning coffee from the Tarrazú region.

    Orange & Cinnamon / Naranja con canela
    A classic with Ceylon cinnamon (orange design)

    Tequila Shot / Tequila
    Lime and tequila white chocolate truffle with a layer of sea salt caramel.

    Passion Fruit Taragon / Maracuyá y Estragón
    Bold flavored tropical fruit and tarragon from the garden.

    Strawberry Balsamic / Fresa y balsámico
    A perfect balance of sweet and tart and a hint of black pepper.

    Irish Coffee / Café Irlandés
    A perfect pairing of coffee and Irish whiskey with vanilla bean.

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